Sentence Completion - Verbal Ability Questions Part 3

Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank and make a meaningful sentence.

13. _____ students whether from primary or secondary divisions struggle to understand mathematics.

a. The large number of
b. A large number of
c. Large
d. More

Answer: b. A large number of

14. Consumption of alcohol in large quantity _____ judgement.

a. impedes
b. imposes
c. improves
d. impels
e. impairs

Answer: e. Impairs

15. The finance secretary _____ the NGO's funds _____ he was dismissed.

a. misplaced, soon
b. misappropriated, so
c. rolled, thus
d. continued, for
e. pirated, therefore

Answer: b. misappropriated, so

16. The rail ministry has tied up with corporates to ______ cleanliness and hygiene at various railway platforms across India.

a. start
b. suggest
c. maintain
d. motivate

Answer: c. Maintain

17. _______ : _______ of small stones.

a. Tiara, Collar
b. Numismatist, Design
c. Connoisseur, Seller
d. Lithograph, Mound
e. Mosaic, Pattern

Answer: e. Mosaic, Pattern

18. I thought over this decision to a great length after we ______ it the other day.

a. discussed
b. discussed about
c. discussed regarding
d. discussed on

Answer: a. discussed