Sentence Completion - Verbal Ability Questions Part 4

Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank and make a meaningful sentence.

19. Mother was _____ because all her pain had gone _____.

a. happy, selected
b. distraught, awry
c. frustrated, magnificently
d. dejected, splendidly
e. happiness, rejected

Answer: b. distraught, awry

20. My coach is one of the best coaches _____.

a. I had know
b. that I know
c. I know
d. who I know
e. which I know

Answer: b. that I know

21. It is _____ if we can organize another tournament this week.

a. unsure
b. doubtful
c. impractical
d. unlikely

Answer: d. unlikely

22. There are large number of reasons which _____ people to buy new things during the festive seasons.

a. hinder
b. motivate
c. foster
d. discourages
e. priority

Answer: b. Motivate

23. He has mental _____ to carry out this job successfully.

a. persuasion
b. durability
c. predilection
d. adroitness

Answer: c. predilection

24. He's gone through a _____. He is not at all the same man as he was 10 years back.

a. frustration
b. surveillance
c. crisis
d. metamorphosis
e. examination

Answer: d. metamorphosis