Sentence Completion - Verbal Ability Questions Part 5

Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank and make a meaningful sentence.

25. An employment advertisement should ____ the number of vacancies.

a. provide
b. contain
c. focus
d. declare
e. specify

Answer: e. specify

26. On dark night, the watchman _____ passing by a day well.

a. wasn't
b. would not
c. happened to be
d. discovered in
e. found to

Answer: c. happened to be

27. Dialogue and the _____ interchange of diverse ideas is the _____ of democracy.

a. untrammeled, deterioration
b. discriminating, epitome
c. essence, unhampered
d. restrained, height
e. compulsory, alienation

Answer: c. essence, unhampered