SEO Interview Questions and Answers Part 4

23. What are Long tail keywords?


Long tail keywords are the specific words that are a user searches while looking out for an item. For example when a customer looks for "Brown leather shoes with golden buckles" rather than just "Brown shoes", they are looking for some specific product and if they see it, there are high chances of them buying this product.

The searchers using long tail keyword are at a higher level in the buying cycle and almost about to get converted.  

24. Explain Crawling.


Crawling is an activity with which Googlebot finds and updates pages to be added to the Google index.

Web Crawling is done with the help of Web Crawler also called Spider.

25. Can you point out few factors that affect crawling?


Some of the main factors that affect crawling are:

i. Name of Domain: The domains which have good page rank have higher crawling rate.

ii. Internal Linking: To maintain active users on the website internal linking is one best practice to follow.

iii. Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is a complete no-no for your site. Your site may get banned for this practice.

iv. Backlinks: The search engine will think that your content is poor if you are not earning any backlinks to your site. The more backlinks you have the more trustworthy you will be for the search engines.

v. SEO Friendly URL: For each page of your site, make sure you have SEO friendly URLs.

vi. Meta Tags: To have good ranking make sure you have different and non-competitive meta tags for your website.

vii. Updated SiteMap: An updated sitemap makes the crawling easier for Google.

26. What are backlinks?


Backlink to a website is a link added by another webpage pointing to the first website. They are also called as incoming links.

Backlinks from high quality websites help in improving the reliability and authority of the website and hence have a high impact on the SERP.

27. What is an outgoing link?


An outbound link is a hyperlink that points at a targeted or external domain and is different from the links present on the source domain. For example, if you provide links to other third-party web pages on your website, those would be external links to your site.

28. What is Googlebot?


The program that does the crawling on the web is called Googlebot. It is an Internet bot also called as bot or spider.

29. What is indexing in SEO?


Search Engine Indexing is an activity through which the search engine collects the data from the World Wide Web and stores it to answer the search queries.

30. What are Natural Links?


Natural links are what their name suggests them to be. When a reader or publisher reads a content, likes it and adds a link to it naturally, it is called as Natural Link.

A good way to attract natural links for your website is to provide a good quality content. Other things that you can do are Article Marketing, Social Profile etc.  

31. What will you do to have better optimization of the website?


With this question, the interviewer wants to know that you are aware of Search Engine Optimization and it is not a done and forgotten task. To keep pace with the technological developments, Google keeps updating its SEO algorithms every day. So, it is important to provide a good user experience and following are certain things to take care of:

1. Quality of content: This is most important. A website with poor quality or plagiarized content will never secure a good place despite doing everything else.  

2. Choose the right Keywords: Do a proper keyword research to land upon the correct keywords. Your keywords should have low to medium competition that would bring traffic to your website.

3. Page Titles: Make sure they are relevant and clear.

4. Page Load Time: With increasing mobile traffic is increasing the importance of page load time. Take steps to minimize it.

5. Linking: Internal linking is very useful make it easier for your users to navigate and get good content.

6. Mobile Responsive: Now a day's people use their smartphones to use the internet. Make sure your page is responsive and is easy to use on mobile phones also.