SEO Interview Questions and Answers Part 6

39. Can you tell me about your keyword research, what do you do?


Are you keeping a check on the keywords that are related to your business? Are you using any Keyword tools? Are you maintaining a keyword spreadsheet? This is what the interviewer wants to know with this question.

You can mention a few tools such as SEMrush, GrepWords, Google Keyword Tool, etc, in your answer if you have used any of these. The interviewer wants to know, that if you were the user, what all would you take into consideration to get the desired result.

40. Why do you want to be a part of SEO industry?


With this question, the interviewer is trying to see how enthusiastic you are to work in the SEO industry. He/she would like to know your commitment towards this industry and particularly their organization.

While answering this question, you should keep in mind that this sector will give you lot of opportunities to learn and increase your knowledge which you should highlight as it will help you progress professionally.

41. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?


The interviewer has asked you this question to know about your professional goals. He/she would want to know what your strengths are. How can you help the organization grow?

They would be inclined to know your growth strategy and your commitment level.

42. Tell us about a SEO campaign that did not go as per your expectations.


It is OK if certain things did not go as per your expectations. This question is a test of your honesty, analytical and problem solving skills & ability to learn from your mistakes.

Focus your answer on what did you learn from the experience and what corrective measures you took for the improvement.

43. If you see that your SEO initiatives have not borne the desired results, what would you do?


With this question, the interviewer is trying to see how well you analyze the situation. Are you able to make a proper assessment and troubleshoot the problem?

So, analyze your own actions, competitor's actions, check if your keywords are relevant, are your pages indexed or not, etc. and anything else that is preventing you from achieving the desired results.

44. What do you know about Canonicalization?


The Canonical issue is related to duplicate pages.

If you think that two pages of your website contain similar content and you do not want to confuse the search engine as to which URL should it consider, use the 'canonical' tag. It inform the search engine which page do you want to appear in the search results.