SEO Interview Questions and Answers Part 7

45. What do you know about Google Sandbox?


After a new website is launched and before it is allotted a rank, the website and its search rating is put on hold at a virtual place. This virtual place is called as Google Sandbox.  

46. What is 301 redirect?


301 redirect is a mechanism using which you redirect the visitors from an old URL to a new one. It ensures that the visitors do not get lost while looking for you.

47. What is robots.txt?


Robots.txt is a mechanism using which the website interact with the web crawlers and other robots. It is this file that tells the robots which areas of the website should they scan and index & which ones should they leave out.

48. What are your suggestions to optimize the anchor text in the best way?


Some suggestions to optimize the anchor text are:

i. Let them be natural and they should appear at places where the readers can expect them.
ii. Avoid too much of optimization. It looks unnatural and is a red flag for Google
iii. Ensure that the anchor text is relevant to the content

49. How is Google Algorithm useful in SEO?


After indexing, Google stores the information and retrieves it using the algorithms based on user searches. It keeps tweaking the algorithm time to time.

The candidate here must focus upon the fact that they need to keep themselves updated with latest developments in the algorithm.

50. Does Social Media help your SEO efforts?


Yes. Social Media does help SEO efforts and offer long term benefits in many ways. Some of them are:

i. Social Media helps to build the audience. You need to reach out to people and social media platform is one of the best places to do this.
ii. Social media helps to build brand awareness. People click on the brand's content from Google's search results.
iii. Good content on Social media helps to attract potential links.
iv. Youtube influences SEO performance. You can create videos and promote your brand or content, which can help you in gaining. The videos, can possibly rank in search engine result page organically.

51. As an SEO Executive, what would you pay attention to for keeping penalty away?


In order to avoid penalty an SEO executive should keep bear following things in mind:

i. Create good quality authentic links.
ii. Use White Hat SEO Techniques approved by Google.
iii. Remove all bad and low quality links.

52. How would you get rid of the artificial and inappropriate backlinks to your website?


To do away with these backlinks you can use the Google's Disavow Tool. This tool can help you disown the artificial and inappropriate backlinks to your website. In simple words, Google will just believe that these links do not belong to your site.