SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO Interview Questions and Answers

This section covers commonly asked and expert level SEO Interview questions and answers. The types of questions covered are knowledge based, conceptual, situational and experience based. You can also find interesting examples with the questions, as required.

Who are these SEO Interview Questions useful for?

Conceptual and general questions on SEO will be very useful for graduates, MBA freshers, beginners and junior level professionals interviewing for SEO Executive and SEO Analyst type of positions.
Professionals appearing for SEO Manager’s role will be highly benefited by the experience based, situational, strategic and planning related questions.

SEO Interview Questions Topics

The section covers conceptual and practical questions on all important topics like - SEO Techniques, Typosquatting, Cybersquatting, Mobile Optimization, Responsive Web Design, Google Updates like Panda and Penguin, Content and URL Optimization, Avoiding penalties etc.

1. What do you mean by "SEO"?


The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

SEO refers to any task performed for improving search engine ranking of websites using keywords or phrases. It basically impacts the ranking and visibility of a website or a webpage in the unpaid results of searches performed on Search Engines.

It is used to boost the organic traffic of a website.

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2. What are the types of SEO?


There are two types of SEO:

i. On Page Optimization
ii. Off Page Optimization

3. What is On Page Optimization?


On Page Optimization refers to all the aspects of the webpage that can have an impact on search engine ranking. These factors are under the control of the publisher.

The various factors to be considered in On Page SEO are:

i. The title tag of the page
ii. Content of the page
iii. Image alt text
iv. HTML code
v. Speed of loading
vi. Mobile friendly pages
vii. User friendly navigation
viii. No broken links etc.

A well optimized page can improve your search engine rankings and draw more traffic.

4. What is Off-Page Optimization?


Off Page SEO covers actions that are beyond the limits of your webpage but have an impact on your SERP. It includes thinks like Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Natural backlinks etc.

5. What are the advantages of Off site SEO?


The off-Page SEO helps in:

i. Increasing the WebRank
ii. Increasing the PageRank
iii. Increased Exposure

6. If you are the SEO manager, highlight some factors that you will pay attention to at the time of website development?


To make a website search engine friendly, certain things that the manager of web development team must pay attention to are:

i. Semantic URLs
ii. XML Sitemaps
iii. Ability to control Indexing
iv. Ability to handle 301 redirects
v. Handling Canonicalization
vi. Ensuring a good speed of the site
vii. Mobile friendliness

7. Name certain things that you feel are most important to succeed in SEO industry?


Your success in any industry depends on how organized and continuous are your efforts. Following are some of the important things that you can talk about:

i. Right identification of your target audience
ii. Defining your goals and objectives clearly
iii. Keywords Categorization
iv. Tracking your data
v. Analyzing your results
vi. Staying updates with the new advancements in the industry