Social Media Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

5. If you were hiring, what personality traits would you look for in your Social Media Manager?


This question is to check whether you know what qualities is a Social Media Manager expected to possess and do you have them in you.

So, some of the most important qualities you need to focus on are:

i. Adaptability: As soon as the Manager spots a new trend, he / she should adapt to it quickly to be ahead in the curve. For e.g. With a shift from text to images to videos, a good manager should be able to embrace it quickly and develop the necessary skills in himself and in his team.

ii. Curious: A social media manager must have a curious mind. He/she needs to stay updated with the latest development and needs to be open to experiment new and different strategies.  

iii. Business Savvy: A good manager is able to get the likes and shares for a certain post while a business savvy manager is able to see the bigger picture & align his actions with the company's goals. He doesn't work only from Social Media point of view but looks at things from the business perspective.

6. What should be the goals of a good social media campaign?


In order to answer this question you first need to explain what a social media campaign is.

A social media campaign is a collaborated marketing effort to assist the ultimate business goal using one or more social media platforms. As in traditional marketing, ensure
that the goals of your social media marketing campaign are measurable and discrete.

Some of the goals for social media campaigns can include:

i. Building brand awareness
ii. Improving brand engagement
iii. Increasing website traffic
iv. Generating leads and driving sales.
v. Revenue Growth
vi. Improve customer service on Social Platforms - Helps in increasing and retaining customers
vii. Increase PR in online and print media
viii. Getting feedback from users and getting closer to them
ix. Creating an email marketing list.

7. How would you measure the success of your Social Media Marketing Campaign?


Social Media is an effective platform of marketing. Measuring the results of a campaign depends upon the motive behind the campaign. Some of the parameters could be:

i. No of posts published
ii. Increase in the number of comments on social shares, comments and traffic generated (both direct and referral)
iii. Increase in the number of back links to your site.
iv. Increase in the number of followers
v. Increase in number of subscription
vi. Increase in account creation
vii. Submission of query form
viii. Increase in online sales