Social Media Interview Questions and Answers Part 4

12. How can you use Google+ for business?


The Google+ page for a business is indexed faster by Google Search Engine. You can post information about your business and share strategic content. When you establish the relation between your Google+ page and website using "rel=markup" publisher, your page information shows up on the right hand side of the search results when someone looks for you on Google. This increases your visibility and customer's trust in you.

Additionally, there are tools like Hangout which can be used quite creatively.

13. How can you increase your reach on Facebook?


Here are some of the tips to increase your reach on Facebook:

i. Create a mix of interesting content, which people feel like sharing.
ii. Post most native and live videos; Repost what worked last time
iii. Tag appropriate posts and people
iv. Pay high attention to Audience Engagement
v. Work with paid promotions

14. Can there be any downside to social media marketing on your business/ company?


Social media is a free platform to express views, which means you'll have satisfied and unsatisfied customers, both. With the unsatisfied or angry customers you can expect negative comments about the product or service. And, the news can spread much faster, as even the people not known directly to the angry customer get to see the review and share the news.

Also unhappy employees use social media as a medium to vent their anger which puts the entire company in a bad picture.

15. Can time turn into a disadvantage in social media marketing?


With limited resources, maintaining an interactive media presence at times becomes difficult.

Someone needs to monitor all the platforms, respond and post regularly which if not done on time, may lead to the loss of potential customers and can also makes your audience uninterested in your brand or service.

16. What are some of the things you would do to make your social media campaign successful?


It depends on the purpose of your campaign, actually!

Social media campaign can help in getting the desired results. Some of the things you can do are:

i. Interact: This is the key. Get your users to interact in your social media post. Certain things you can do are : take a poll, provide reviews, make them ask questions, enter contest and join your mailing list.

ii. Offer Prizes: You need information and you need to give them a reason to give you that information. Offer some exciting prizes, discounts in exchange for their information & ensure that they are relevant.

iii. Proactive Engagement: When the campaign is on, respond to each comment attentively. If any question is asked answer it correctly.

iv. Promote: Promote you social media campaign on all the platforms even if it's only on one platform.

v. Adapt: Your online presence should adapt to reinforce the campaign.

vi. Monitor: Keep monitoring your campaign and adjusting the strategy, as required.