Generic Process Model

A software process is a collection of various activities.

There are five generic process framework activities:

1. Communication:
The software development starts with the communication between customer and developer.

2. Planning:
It consists of complete estimation, scheduling for project development and tracking.

3. Modeling:
  • Modeling consists of complete requirement analysis and the design of the project like algorithm, flowchart etc.
  • The algorithm is the step-by-step solution of the problem and the flow chart shows a complete flow diagram of a program.
4. Construction:
  • Construction consists of code generation and the testing part.
  • Coding part implements the design details using an appropriate programming language.
  • Testing is to check whether the flow of coding is correct or not.
  • Testing also check that the program provides desired output.
5. Deployment:
  • Deployment step consists of delivering the product to the customer and take feedback from them.
  • If the customer wants some corrections or demands for the additional capabilities,  then the change is required for improvement in the quality of the software.