Software Process Framework

  • The process of framework defines a small set of activities that are applicable to all types of projects.
  • The software process framework is a collection of task sets.
  • Task sets consist of a collection of small work tasks, project milestones, work productivity and software quality assurance points.
software process framework

Umbrella activities

Typical umbrella activities are:

1. Software project tracking and control
  • In this activity, the developing team accesses project plan and compares it with the predefined schedule.
  • If these project plans do not match with the predefined schedule, then the required actions are taken to maintain the schedule.
2. Risk management
  • Risk is an event that may or may not occur.
  • If the event occurs, then it causes some unwanted outcome. Hence, proper risk management is required.
3. Software Quality Assurance (SQA)
  • SQA is the planned and systematic pattern of activities which are required to give a guarantee of software quality.
    For example, during the software development meetings are conducted at every stage of development to find out the defects and suggest improvements to produce good quality software.
4. Formal Technical Reviews (FTR)
  • FTR is a meeting conducted by the technical staff.
  • The motive of the meeting is to detect quality problems and suggest improvements.
  • The technical person focuses on the quality of the software from the customer point of view.
5. Measurement
  • Measurement consists of the effort required to measure the software.
  • The software cannot be measured directly. It is measured by direct and indirect measures.
  • Direct measures like cost, lines of code, size of software etc.
  • Indirect measures such as quality of software which is measured by some other factor. Hence, it is an indirect measure of software.
6. Software Configuration Management (SCM)
  • It manages the effect of change throughout the software process.
7. Reusability management
  • It defines the criteria for reuse the product.
  • The quality of software is good when the components of the software are developed for certain application and are useful for developing other applications.
8. Work product preparation and production
  • It consists of the activities that are needed to create the documents, forms, lists, logs and user manuals for developing a software.