Software Marketing Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

6. What are the qualities required to be a software marketer?


Some of the important skills required by a software marketer are:

i. Technical understanding and good analytical skills.
ii. Creativity and Effective communication skills.
iii. Energetic with an ability to stay organized and multitask.
iv. Ability to build and foster relationship with media and team.

Be prepared with some examples of situations where you demonstrated these skills. Talking about these situations backs up your claims.

7. How would you initiate the relationship with a new media house to promote your product?


Both print and digital media play a very important role in promoting your software products. To initiate a relationship with them, you need to:

i. Identify the right media and magazines/ websites for your kind of product.
ii. Find the editor who takes care of your beat of products.
iii. Send them a short introductory email.
iv. Follow the email with a quick phone call, preferably within 24 hours (as your e-mail is still fresh right now)
v. Tell them what you are looking for - a product review, a press release, bundling or if you have a special offer for their readers.
vi. Send them the required material - may be a test copy of the product, PR or anything else that you may have committed.
vii. Ask them, when can you expect to see the information published? Check for the yearly editorial calendar, most of the big publications would have it.

8. Tell us something about yourself.


Before starting with the interview this question acts as the icebreaker. The interviewer is interested to know about your employment history. You can also talk about your strengths, achievements, your accomplishments.

This is the most common question and it's a conversation starter.

To answer this question you can say something like: Since 3 years, I am working as a Software marketing executive for ABC Innovations. My main focus area is to understand the product lifecycle and accordingly create a marketing strategy that not only increases the revenue but also helps in product positioning and branding. I take an active part in executing product launches; and have also collaborated with the communication team to create interesting and engaging content for our customers.

Collaborating with different teams helped me improve my team skills and made me a good team player. I have good co-ordination and communication skills. To refresh myself I play badminton and also meditate.

I see that you have a requirement for a Senior Software Marketing Executive to handle your new product. With the type of experience I possess, I believe I'm a good fit for this position."

9. What do you know about us?


You need to do some research before going for the interview. You may not know everything about the company but make sure you check their website. You can also check if they are on any social media platform.

Try to find out about their values, their core business, anything that is written about their future plans. While researching you may also get to know if they were in news recently. See, if it is anything worth mentioning.  

If you want to answer this question like a pro, prior preparation is the success mantra.

10. Why are you looking for a change?


To answer this question you can emphasize on your career goals and you can mention that you want to grow professionally. Do not bad mouth your current employer.

A good answer to this question can be something like, "As a software marketing executive, I have learned many skills with my current employer. Also, I have built connections with many technical media houses in the industry.

I feel that I have had a good learning with my current employer and now it is the time for me to grow in my career and this position with you would give me an opportunity to do that."