Software Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Software Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

This section covers commonly asked and expert level Software Marketing Interview questions and answers. You can find conceptual, general, behavioral and experience based questions along with interesting examples and sample answers.

Who are these Software Marketing Interview Questions useful for?

The questions presented here will be highly useful to all the freshers, entry level and experienced candidates interviewing for the roles of Software Marketing and Sales Executive, Specialist, Consultant, Manager etc.

Types of Questions covered here

The questions covered here come from the topics like Online marketing of software products, Inbound marketing plan, Developing video content, Media to promote your software products, qualities, skills and responsibilities of a software marketing professional etc.

1. What are the responsibilities of a Software Marketing Professional?


The software marketing executive is an important member in shaping the product offerings and launching new products. Their role has a significant impact on the overall business. Their role includes the following responsibilities:

i. Develop product positioning and branding which increases revenue and profit growth.
ii. Create successful strategies for product launches and customer acquisition.
iii. Analyze the market size.
iv. Analyze customer buying behavior.
v. Attend seminar and webinars.
vi. Understand the competitor's policy and develop strategies surpassing them.
vii. Participate in developing strategic partnerships to enhance the product offerings.
viii. Collaborate with marketing teams to develop creative and engaging content.
ix. Create PowerPoint presentations, datasheets, white papers, customer case studies, and training materials to communicate with the customers and partners.

2. Tell us about some marketing initiatives you would take to increase the online sales of a software.


Developing a great app or software does not mean it would sell. Here are a few tips that could help you increase online sales for your software:

i. Feedback through Beta Test: This increases your chances of being able to make any important changes from the user's perspective.

ii. Offer a Freemium model: Here, you offer the user with some basic features of the software with an option to upgrade it to use its premium feature for a cost. This encourages people to buy your software.

iii. Give a free trial: A comparatively newer company would do this. People buy the software once they are convinced and happy with it.

iv. Make your contact details available on your website: This builds the trust and sense of security in the buyers.

v. Offer customer support: Again, this increases the level of trust.

vi. Money-back guarantee: A short money back guarantee promotion increases the sense of security and need to act urgently

vii. Use multi-channel marketing approach: If your budget permits.

viii. Use industry-specific forums: Participating in forum discussions and providing honest opinion increase trust level. In the process of doing so, provide a link to your products as well.

ix. Have a third party review: Third party validations are a good way to build the trust and hence increase the sales of your product.

x. Include a short video: A short and interesting video helps even the non-technical users to quickly understand your product.

xi. Add human touch: Adding some real stories about how people use your software and benefit from it, is a quick way to build the connection with your buyers.

3. What things would you consider while creating an inbound marketing plan?


Inbound marketing refers to the technique of attracting customers to your products and services through various means of marketing like content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and other branding activities.

Following are some important things to consider while trying to develop an inbound marketing plan:

i. Set a goal: Before you start strategizing, it is important to know what are you trying to achieve. Set a target of the desired number of downloads, subscriptions or sales that you are trying to achieve through this plan.

ii. Know your budget: Knowing how much money you have helps you decide on the best ways to spend it.

iii. Know your audience: Knowing your buyer's age, location, gender, income etc. allows you to create content that would appeal to them.

iv. Create content: Engaging content is essential and important aspect of inbound marketing.

v. Know the best time: The time at which you get the content across to your audience is as important as creating an engaging content.

vi. Track your results: You can use Google analytics to track your campaign progress. This allows you to fix your approach, if need be.

4. We want to develop some video content to market our software. As a software marketing executive, what things would you focus on?


Video content is one of the upcoming marketing tools because the customers prefer to see a video rather than reading about a product. Some of the qualities of a good video are:

i. Make engaging videos: You might be marketing a serious product like a software but your videos can be light, humorous and still be engaging. The audience get more attracted to such videos.

ii. Animated infographics: Infographics about the industry, company and the issue as a whole help tremendously in connecting with the audience.

iii. Include content that can be useful: Include valuable, useful and educational information to make it easy to understand for your audience. It could be a small tutorial or a demo of your product.

iv. Include Client Testimonials: Validations from a third party do help. If you have some client testimonials, include them.

v. Provide a link to the product: This helps the people know where they should go to find more information or order the product.  Providing the contact information helps in generating the leads.

5. What are the various medium to build an awareness of your software product?


The various media to build an awareness about your product are:

i. Print Media
ii. Online Media
iii. Events - like Exhibitions, Reseller summits etc.

Some of the activities that you can perform to promote your product in print and online media.

i. Getting your product reviewed by the editorial team of relevant print magazines and websites bundling the trial version of the software in the accompanying copy of the magazine.
ii. Getting the press releases and interviews published.
iii. Bundling your software with other software that complement yours.
iv. Free video and textual content for promotion on Social Media.
v. Paid advertisements.
vi. Running discounts and offers for your various groups of customers.