Spellings - Verbal Ability Questions and Answers Part 2

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the correctly spelt word out of the given alternatives.

a. lisense
b. license
c. lisence
d. licence

Answer: b. license

Explanation: E.g. He bought a new bike and has applied for the license.

a. humarus
b. humouras
c. humorous
d. humoros

Answer: c. humorous

Explanation: Humorous means funny, amusing, etc.

E.g. He was very humorous and honest.

a. immediately
b. immedeately
c. imediatly
d. immedeately

Answer: a. immediately

Explanation: Immediately means instantly, without any delay

E.g. He immediately shifted his roommate to the hospital.

a. pronounciation
b. pranunciation
c. prononciation
d. pronunciation

Answer: d. pronunciation

Explanation: Pronunciation is the way in which different words, phrases, etc. are pronounced in a particular manner. Different people have different pronunciation.

E.g. You have to improve your English pronunciation.

a. Knowllege
b. Knowledge
c. Knoledge
d. Knowlidge

Answer: b. Knowledge

Explanation: Knowledge means intelligence, information, awareness, etc.

E.g. He has good knowledge of share market.

a. Librery
b. Librarry
c. Lebrary
d. Library

Answer: d. Library

Explanation: Library is a place where books are kept, it has different collection of books.  

E.g. He is waiting for me at the library.