Spellings - Verbal Ability Questions and Answers Part 3

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the correctly spelt word out of the given alternatives.

a. Maintenance
b. Maintennance
c. Manteinanse
d. Maintenunce

Answer: a. Maintenance

Explanation: E.g. The modern machines require less maintenance.

a. Occassion
b. Occation
c. Occasion
d. Occagen

Answer: c. Occasion

Explanation: E.g. On this happy occasion, I would like to reveal the name of my new company.

a. Vacume
b. Vacuum
c. Vaccum
d. Vacqume

Answer: b. Vacuum

Explanation: An empty space without any air/gas is known as vacuum.  

E.g. My friend and I vacuumed the whole room.

a. Satelite
b. Satellite
c. Sattelite
d. Setellite

Answer: b. Satellite

Explanation: Satellite is an artificial body which orbits round the planets in order to gather information/pictures, etc.

E.g. The planet Mercury has no natural satellite.

a. Flourescent
b. Fluorescent
c. Floroscent
d. Fluorocent


Answer: b. Fluorescent

Explanation: E.g. Fluorescent lamps are more costly than incandescent lamps.

a. Achivement
b. Achievement
c. Achivment
d. Acheevment


Answer: b. Achievement

Explanation: E.g. His achievement is worth appreciable.