Spellings - Verbal Ability Questions and Answers Part 4

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the correctly spelt word out of the given alternatives.

a. Embarras
b. Embaras
c. Embarrass
d. Embarass

Answer: c. Embarrass

Explanation: Embarrass means to feel ashamed/shy/awkward

E.g. The audience laughter embarrassed him.

a. Ceasar
b. Cizaer
c. Cizar
d. Caesar

Answer: d. Caesar

Explanation: E.g. Caesar was an ambitious and honorable man.

a. Fahrenheit
b. Farahheat
c. Farenheat
d. Fahrenhiat

Answer: a. Fahrenheit

Explanation: Fahrenheit is a temperature scale named after German scientist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.
One Fahrenheit = 255.928 Kelvin

a. Exillance
b. Excellence
c. Exellence
d. Excellencce


Answer: b. Excellence

Explanation: E.g. She worked very hard to achieve the excellence award.

a. Tomarrow
b. Tommorow
c. Tomorrow
d. Tumorrow


Answer: c. Tomorrow

Explanation: E.g. Tomorrow is a holiday.

a. millinnium
b. millenium
c. millennium   
d. millenium


Answer: c. millennium

Explanation: E.g. Millennium is equal to 10 centuries.