Strategic Management Online Test Part 2

6. Study of manpower forecasting was conducted by _______ in 1972.

a. Milkovich
b. Kirter
c. Strausmann
d. Schroeder

Answer: a. Milkovich

7. Which of the following can you deduce from the definitions of Strategic Management?

i] It leads to formulation of strategy/ ies
ii] Satisfaction of stakeholders is important
iii] Helps in managing the organizational systems
iv] Environment management is not important to succeed

a. Both i and ii
b. i, ii & iii
c. i, ii and iv
d. All the above

Answer: b. i, ii & iii

8. Products with low market in a slow growing or declining market are termed as _______.

a. Question marks
b. Stars
c. Dog
d. Cash cows

Answer: c. Dog

9. Management accounting focuses on technical analysis while the Flotilla concentrates on

a. Work flow
b. Organisation design
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

Answer: c. Both a and b

10. Model of Competitive Strategy was developed by ________

a. James Smith
b. Michael Porter
c. Michael Diesel
d. Adam Porter

Answer: b. Michael Porter