Time and Distance - Aptitude Questions and Answers Part 3

11. The speed of a car is 8/5 times the speed of a bus that runs twice as fast as a tractor. The tractor takes 23 minutes to cover a distance from A to B that is 1150 km far off. How far can the car go in 240 minutes?

a. 340 km
b. 440 km
c. 640 km
d. 740 km

Answer: c. 640 km

12. A bus can cover a certain distance at a speed of 60 kmph with no stoppages in between. However, with stoppages, the average speed becomes 40 kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour on the way?

a. 12 minutes
b. 18 minutes
c. 20 minutes
d. 40 minutes

Answer: c. 20 minutes

13. A gun was fired twice from the same sport a difference of 12 minutes. David who was approaching the firing arena in his car heard the second shot 11 minutes after the first one. Find the speed of car. (Consider , speed of sound = 330 m/s)

a. 50 km/h
b. 72 km/h
c. 90 km/h
d. 108 km/h

Answer: d. 108 km/h

14. If I walk at four - fifths of my usual speed, I get late to reach the plaza 20 minutes. How much time do I usually take to reach the plaza?

a. 11hours
b. 11hours
c. 21hours
d. 2 hours

Answer: a. 11hours

15. A commercial flight started from Mumbai and had to fly for 600 km but it met some turbulence on the way and had to be slowed down. This slow down reduced its average speed by 200 kmph and flight time increased by half an hour. Find flight duration.

a. 1 hour
b. 2 hours
c. 3 hours
d. 4 hours

Answer: a. 1 hour