8 Tips to Handle Exam Stress

1. Utilize your time
2. Revise and re-revise
3. Sample papers
4. Relaxation
5. Meditate
6. Quality family time
7. Healthy meal
8. Not the end of world
Let's talk about Exam Stress. So, Exams are coming. You are like OMG, everything was going perfect, then this exam comes. Too Many chapters, Difficult to Understand, a lot to remember, challenging questions to solve, More explanations are needed, Yes Exam time is really not easy. In fact, Exams are nostalgia for those of us who passed them way back, anxiety for those who are about to face it and anticipations for those who are a couple of years away from facing it. If I look back into time, I think those were the "good old days" of life since present day troubles are way more complicated and stressful. But, there is no denying that every one of us had some serious stress to handle during the exam days. So, here are some tips for those who will be appearing for exams this year and in years to come.

So, let's get started now

1. Utilize your time:

Leaving a load of syllabus to cover at the end is the main reason for stress. This can only be handled by studying regularly and covering each subject on a daily basis. And Yes, Keep those distracting social media apps away! You will thank yourself later for doing that. And I know.. many of you become the most religious person in this world just before the exam. Let me tell you..that's not gonna work, instead utilize your time well.

2. Revise and re-revise:

You might think you know it all and rightly so since you covered it all for once. But revising is important to make sure you don't forget. Honestly speaking, the few days before exams are meant for revisions only since the learning has to be done way back.

3. Sample papers:

Solve enough sample papers for each subject to boost your confidence. This will also give you a good idea about the pattern..and prevent panic of facing the inevitable.  In fact, Solving previous year's question paper is ideal to know the expected pattern.

4. Relaxation:

Go out and take a walk preferably early morning or evening. This would help you relax and rejuvenate. Play a sport if you want to or do some exercise. Any sort of physical activity will bring positivity and reduce stress.

5. Meditate:

Your mind and body needs to be at peace to handle all the pressure that comes uninvited with exams. Take some time off during early hours of the morning and meditate. It will not only calm your nerves and mind but also improve concentration power.

6. Quality family time:

It is absolutely recommended that you spend some quality time with parents, siblings or friends where you talk about things other than studies and exam. And it is very important for the Parents to be supportive and encourage children to do well. In fact, Parents should ensure that there is openness between them and kids so that kids can discuss freely with them in case of immense anxiety and stress.

7. Healthy meal:

While most parents ensure that the kids are well fed, But, they may sometimes ignore the importance of balanced diet. Too much of sugary confectioneries and junk food is definitely a bad idea. Eating healthy and mindfully is important to maintain good mind and body health.

8. Not the end of world:

While working hard for exams is important, you must know that it is not the end of the world if you don't do that well in exams. The results might play an important role in your future but it doesn't decide your future alone...While all these tips go a long way in handling stress, but, it is your own positive attitude that will get you through it. Years later, you are going to look back and smile for everything wonderful that school or college days had to offer and the exam days will be a big part of it. So smile and face it with positivity. All the best!