Training and Development Test Questions Part 4

16. ______ doesn't really intervene in QWL program.

a. Trade union
b. Government
c. Employee
d. Management

Answer: b. Government

17. The degree of _______ also influences learning retention.

a. Over learning
b. Interference
c. Original learning
d. CPR

Answer: c. Original learning

i) Attract suitable candidates
ii) Examine their credentials to produce a short list

These are the major objectives of which of the following processes:

a. Recruitment procedures
b. Performance appraisals
c. Training
d. Evaluation

Answer: a. Recruitment procedures

19. ________ helps in making an employee realise his performance status.

a. Performance appraisal
b. Selection and staffing
c. Training and development
d. Compensation

Answer: a. Performance appraisal

20. ________ is used to compile the information for easy retrieval.

a. Organisational Behaviour
b. IT
d. Training and Development

Answer: c. HRIS