USA Student F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers - 2

2. Why this college?

The purpose of this question again is to check your intention to study

The reasons for you to choose a particular college could be numerous. For e.g. May be that is the only college to offer that particular course or you wanted to live in that region for some reason or that college falls into your budget etc.

Establish your reasons and present it to the visa officer as a short story.

3. Why have you applied only to one college?

More than anything else, this question is a test of your credibility. Most of the students will apply to 10-12 colleges for admission. So, if you have applied to just one college, they may get suspicious and want to ensure that this is not some conspiracy.

So, expect this question if you have applied only to one college and be prepared with a satisfactory answer.

There’s a possibility that the course you want to do is available at that school only. Whatever may the reason be, explain it well.

4. Why did you not take GRE?

GRE may not be required for the type of course that you are going to take at that school. However, it is not wise to expect visa officers to be aware of all the courses and schools.

Give them a satisfactory explanation.

5. What are your plans during the course and after that?

This question is basically a check of your intention to use your visa responsibly and return to your home country.

A lot of students try to work illegally during their course, which the local authorities want to avoid. Secondly, they also want to ensure that you don’t want to migrate and settle there. You are being allowed on a student’s visa and you’ll ultimately return to your home country.

Having plans for the future which show that you have affiliations in your home country and you do intend to return is what they are looking for in your answer. Talk about your job, business, family ties etc. to answer this question effectively.

6. Who is your sponsor?

Many students believe that having the complete I-20 amount in their account is what is expected from them but that’s a wrong presumption.

In the quest of having the complete amount for your course and survival in your account, if you ask your relatives to transfer large sums to you, you’ll make your case look manufactured.

Rather have the amount for 1st year and then show that your sponsor (mostly the parents) have a steady source of income to support you. If someone else is sponsoring your education, you may need to explain your relationship with them, why are they sponsoring, they would continue to sponsor you even after you have reached there, they have a steady source of income etc.