USA Student F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers - 3

Most common reasons for denial of F1 visa

The three most common reasons for denials to F1 visa are:

i) Looks like a potential immigrant - This denial is offered under the section 214(b). The visa officers look at every candidate as a potential immigrant. It is your job to satisfy them that you would return to your home country on completion of your course. For this you need to demonstrate your ties with the home country, which could be in the form of -

a.) Your job
b.) Your home
c.) Your relationships with family and friends - Your parents, siblings, spouse, children etc.

The denial under this category is not permanent. You can reapply for a visa if you believe you can explain your situation better and there are substantial changes in your circumstances. However, you’ll need to prove this.

If your visa is denied under the section 214(b), you’ll need to fill in a fresh application form and pay the visa processing fees again.

ii) Incomplete application or documentation - More than a denial, this means that the decision on your visa is pending. The section they’ll quote here is 221 (g).

In this case, you can submit the required documents through the suggested way. And, the decision on your visa is taken after the administrative process.

The consulate usually tries to expedite the process to match your reporting date to the university.

If you are not able to provide the documents within the stipulated time, the application is closed and any further visa application needs to reapply and pay the processing fees again.

iii) Insufficient financial support - A visa denial under this category means that visa officer believes that you’ll not be able to take care of your finances or any medical emergencies in USA & might depend upon the government there. Provide sufficient evidences of you being supported financially by yourself, loan or your family.