Right words for various personality types

We come across a lot of people every day. Each of them behaves, talks, carries himself in a different way which we casually refer to as the personality of that person.

However, we see that the personality of every human being we meet is different. Do you know the correct words you should use to refer to each of these personalities?

Enrich your English vocabulary with right words for various personality types, their meanings, information about their origin and interesting examples.

1. You meet someone who is quiet, shy, may be creative but prefers solitude and is uncomfortable in activities that require cooperation from other people. What would you call such a person?

a. Extrovert
b. Introvert
c. Ambivert
d. Asocial

Answer: Introvert

Explanation: This type of personality is called an Introvert. They desire to be liked by people but are often shy and quiet.
Extrovert personality is just the opposite of an introvert. They are the life of any party.
However, there's a balanced personality types which turns into an introvert or an extrovert depending upon the requirement of the situation. This personality type is called as an "Ambivert".
Asocial is however is a person who has no interest in the worldly things. However, he is not against the society and is different from an antisocial person.

2. A friend who doesn't hate the people from opposite gender but would not give a legal commitment and get married. They may be okay with staying together but find getting married too binding.

a. Misogamist
b. Misogynist
c. Monogamist
d. Philanderer

Answer: Misogamist

Explanation: "Gamos" refers to the greek word for "marriage" while "gyne" refers to "women".

Someone who hates marriage is a Misogamist while someone who hates women altogether is a Misogynist.

The word "monos" means "one", "bi" means "two", "poly" means "many".
So, the culture of one marriage at a time means Monogamy.
Two marriages at a time mean Bigamy.
The culture of multiple marriages at a time refers to Polygamy.

3. In the midst of everyday happenings, you meet people who are not really worried about themselves. They are more interested in the welfare of the others. They don't mind their own interests.

a. Social
b. Saints
c. Altruists
d. Anthropologists

Answer: Altruists

Explanation: The people who think about other's welfare are "Altruists" while the ones who live in  self-denial and denounce all earthly-pleasures are "Ascetic".

Anthropologists are the people who study the man kind.

4. Amid all this, we all have a friend who just thinks about his benefits in everything. The only questions he has after everything is "What's there in it for me?"

a. Egoist
b. Egotist
c. Egomaniac
d. Selfish

Answer: Egoist

Explanation: This kind of a person is called "egoist".

Someone who just talks about all the money he has earned, his new Ferrari, thinks that he has the solutions to all the problem to the level that he gets obnoxious. This kind of a person is called "Egotist" because he just talks about himself.

And someone who has a mania of himself, his desires to the level that it becomes a madness, is an egomaniac.

5. Someone who is equally skilful with both his hands. He can write equally well with both the hands.

a. Adroit
b. Ambigraph
c. Ambidextrous
d. Gauche

Answer: Ambidextrous

Explanation: Dexterity means skill and dextrous means skilful while "Ambi" means "both", as we have seen above. So, someone whose both hands are equally skilful is "Ambidextrous".

6. And, have you known that one person who is a womaniser and frequently enters into casual sexual relationships. What is the right term for such a person?

a. Polygamist
b. Polygynist
c. Philanderer
d. Characterless

Answer: Philanderer