Words to appreciate good qualities in people!

We all have friends and relatives who are the life of the party, so full of energy that they don't get tired at all. Some of them are so sharp that they demystify any problem at the blink of an eye.

Do you fall short of words to appreciate these qualities and tag them with a right adjective?

Well, here we get to you 10 words which will help you flatter your friends and relatives with an absolutely correct adjective.

1. So, you have an aunt who is very friendly, happy, extrovert. She is social, likes to party, appreciates the food & drinks and would offer you a coffee with a smile as soon as you drop in. You really like to spend time in her company.

What adjective would you use to tag your aunt?

a. Convivial
b. Social
c. Extrovert
d. Magnanimous

Answer: Convivial

Explanation: "Vita" refers to life. So, when someone is friendly & lively and their company is enjoyable, the correct adjective to praise them is "Convivial".

2. The new Prime Minister of the country never gets tired. You would find him working from morning to night and at time into the night. He seems to have limitless energy that never gets over. This kind of a person is _____________

a. Energetic
b. Vivacious
c. Indefatigable
d. Tireless

Answer: Indefatigable

Explanation: The person who is always doing something or the other without getting tired is "Indefatigable". The unending supply of energy comes from healthy mind and body, psychological balance and lack of insecurities.

3. Some of our friends are so childlike and unsophisticated that they can even think of tricking someone. They are ______

a. Childlike
b. Innocent
c. Ingenuous
d. Genuine

Answer: Ingenuous

4. And then, you have an uncle who has a large heart. He forgets all things negative and never thinks of taking a revenge. He never harbours any resentment in his heart.

What would be the right word to appreciate his large-heartedness?

a. Amiable
b. Cordial
c. Congenial
d. Magnanimous

Answer: Magnanimous

5. There's someone in your group whom you refer to as "one person - full orchestra".
The range of their abilities cuts across all fields. They are master of all trades and you call them ________.

a. Versatile
b. Skillful
c. Dexterous
d. Creative

Answer: Versatile

6. He is always there always right at the tick of the clock never gets late. He is _____.

a. Punctilious
b. Punctual
c. Time bound
d. Time caring

Answer: Punctual