• Cassandra was developed by Facebook for searching Facebook inbox and accepted into Apache Incubator in 2009.
  • Cassandra is a distributed storage system which is  highly scalable. It is  designed to handle large amount of data and to improve the availability of the system.
  • Cassandra is designed to work with multiple servers across the network.
Facebook works  with multiple servers which are located in many data centers by using Cassandra.

Features of Cassandra

Various features of Cassandra were developed with an aim to achieve the following.

1. Scalability
Cassandra is highly scalable system, which allows to add more hardware as per the requirement of an organization.

2. No single point failure
Cassandra has no single point failure and is always available for business applications.

3. Performance
The total throughput can be increased by adding number of nodes in the cluster, which maintains a quick response time.

4. Data distribution
Cassandra provides flexibility of data distribution and allows the replication of data across multiple data centers as per the requirement.

5. Transaction support
Cassandra can support the properties like ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation,Durability)

6. Faster write operations
Cassandra provides the faster write operations and stores the large amount of data with good read efficiency.